translation and interpreting services

We pride ourselves on having been providing translation and interpreting services in Dubai since our opening. All our translators and interpreters are highly-qualified native-speakers of the target language. We contribute to making international communication easier and more effective by offering general and specialised translations and proofreading services especially owner’s manuals, user guides, literary documents, etc..
Our translators meet the requisites of UNI 10574 quality standard “Definition of Services and Activities of Translation and Interpreting Enterprises”. This standard defines the requisites of Translation Services and is the first in Europe in this sector.

We rely exclusively on professional translators who boast of having long experience in the topics they deal with.

Translating is the skill to perfectly render the source text (Technical, Commercial, Advertisement, Journalistic, etc) into the target language, and it is the ability to correctly interpret a text and communicate it to the interlocutor.

A professional translator has to be able to combine sector focused skills and abilities to language competence, speed in elaborating a text, mastery of telecommunication and information technology, and the ability to use common and continuously-updated software (W.P., D.T.P., spreadsheets, Database)

We are able to respect deadlines and guarantee translation accuracy, thanks to our telematically-connected pool of translators who are chosen not only for their skills but also for their adherence to the code of ethics: rush translations to meet tight deadlines is an essential principle when we select our translators.

Our translators boast of at least 5 years of experience in professional translation. To be part of the staff, it is necessary to have at least 5 years of experience in a specific field of translation into the native language.

Candidates are selected after having undergone tests evaluated by certified translators.

Translators who serve a specific company or work in a specific sector are never replaced by others. This makes it possible to guarantee that a company always has its trusted linguistic partner who subsequently acquires the company’s terminology and creates a specific electronic glossary.

We highly respect our clients’ privacy and confidentiality of their work.

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