Freelance Writing

Nico de Corato is also a freelance writer, available for cooperation with magazines and newspaper. As an experienced journalist, writer and photo-video-blogger, he provides engaging, original and thought-provoking articles on a range of subjects. Here is some of the magazines he contributes to:

Together with his staff, he can provide articles and translations in Italian, English, American, Spanish, Arabic (different dialects as well). On demand other languages are also avaialble.

Nico de Corato is an EDA member and a regular article contributor to our quarterly magazine, ‘Divers for the Environment’ since June 2013. Nico is an avid blogger who recounts his own personal experiences and interests, and those of others he interviews for his personal blog.

EVENTS COORDINATOR and EDITOR Divers for the Environment

Nico de Corato is contributor of our magazine OutdoorUAE since June 2013. His talent is shown also as photographer since he’s providing us both feature & images for his articles, as well as interviewing people.

Daniel Birkhofer

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