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Social Media Marketing in the Mobile field

Why Mobile? Mobile is unavoidable — that much is clear.

Mobile is getting more and more important in social media. Over half of the population has a smartphone, and they are using their smartphones to search for products and services, and make purchases, often in the downtimes (while waiting for the metro, before boarding on a flight, and so on..)

Get in front of your customers by taking your business mobile.Social Media Marketing

Mobile is no more an option!

Some general tips:

  • Create valuable page content.


  • Choose your social networks.


  • Ask questions and include calls to action to boost the amount of feedback you receive and therefore the amount of exposure your content gets. Get engagement from your users. That’s why is also useless to buy followers, cause in such a case you get numbers but no engagement..


  • Post at the right time. If you post according to when your fans are active, then more users—especially those on mobile devices—will see your content and be driven to your page. That means: try not to post where people are potentially unactive (sleeping or at work.). but it can be useful to choose a time when – for example – people are waiting for the underground or relaxing (lunch break..) according to your ideal audience.


  • And post regularly: be consistent, whether that means blogging 10 times a day, three times a week or once a month. Important thing is to have a regular schedule. Avoid blogging 10 times in one day and then to be inactive for a whole month. Nowadays there are also lots of tools helping you in scheduling posting and sharing times.

Another important step is so.. knowing your target! And studying its habit.

Facebook IconFacebook is the number-one mobile social network. In fact, it was the number-two most-used mobile app overall for the second quarter of this year, second only to Google Maps, according to GlobalWebIndex.
Facebook no longer ranks content based on assumed preference. Instead, while stories with lots of positive feedback (likes, comments and shares) are re-prioritized near the top, the order is largely chronological. This means that any page content you publish should be valuable, not just interesting.

instagram iconInstagram has consistently been one of the most popular mobile apps over last 2 years, and there’s good reason for that. It’s easily integrated into Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and it provides users with the visual stimulation that Facebook and Twitter lack. It’s particularly important especially in places (as Dubai) where there is a mix of spoken languages. For an Italian, an Arab or an Indian person living Dubai, English should not be a problem, but an image can be more comfortable than reading a post in a language different from your mother tongue.

High-quality pictures are essential for Instagram success. The higher an image’s quality, the more attention it gets. And since you’re representing a brand, it’s even more imperative that you ensure that your photo content is of the highest quality possible. Use cutouts, overlays, etc., to make your content leap out from the page, but make sure everything is tasteful and aesthetically pleasing.

Use hashtags that describe what’s in the picture, not what the picture is about. Encourage your followers to use a particular hashtag that you can then monitor (and maybe even use for a promotion). Use popular hashtags that are searched for often.
Consider posting the picture with only one or two hashtags and then include any additional hashtags in a comment below.

Do not forget about videos.

Instagram videos are tough to produce, partially because of the mobile recording concept. Smartphones have yet to be truly optimized for video, but the whole web is moving towards a video mindset.


For the same reason… be a YouTuber!

What is YouTube? Try to give a definition of YouTube.. just know YouTube is the second most used search engine! Almost 80% of the people in the Arab World use YouTube as their first search engine..

Coupon and voucher services have really picked up steam in the past few years. And with global platforms like Groupon or Living Social, or local one like or, these savings are moving past food and household items to incorporate services and luxuries. These companies have highly successful mobile apps, and leveraging their social aspects can really help your company with sales.