Monviso Chart: Promote community involvement to push your social media

Promote community involvement to push your social media

Does your company sponsor a Little League team? Do you participate in Adopt-a-Highway or volunteer for Make-a-Wish? These are the kinds of things that helps your brand awareness within the network.

Whatever type of business you’re in, sponsorship is a great way to push your social media strategies and get the attention of clients and prospects. More and more companies use to promote not only their brand, but also a specific hash tag or social media page during some sponsorship.

But choose wisely – what you choose to sponsor should be relevant to your target market and ‘on message’. Be sure to steer clear of any PR disasters – Nestlé’s sponsorship of a health conference in 2014 led to the event being cancelled after senior NHS figures urged a boycott over the food and beverage company’s promotion of infant formula in the developing world.

To help you make the right sponsorship choice visit also our page about Sponsorship opportunities.

Integration between sponsorship & Social Media is fundamental. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WordPress offer companies a great free-of-charge platform to promote themselves, build their brand and their audience.

Finding the time to feed your profiles and blog can be a challenge but if you’re going to do it you need to be active, which means posting and interacting several times a day. But what to say? Expertise in a particular area can make for a large following. Stay relevant and on-topic and you will garner a valuable and engaged audience.

Don’t forget you need to talk to others to grow your following, which means responding to comments on your Facebook page or blog in a timely manner and engaging fellow Twitter users in conversation. A great way to do this is via Twitter Chat. Twitter chats are focused on a topic that is decided in advance and use a specific hashtag to help users follow along.

According to research carried out by Hootsuite in December, Starbucks is the best performing brand on social media, closely followed by Chanel, Friskies and Urban Outfitters. So be sure to check out their activity for inspiration.

In the GCC market we can mention Monviso Water as perfect example of integration between Social Media & Sponsorship.