Social Media in The Marble and Stone Industry

Social Media in the Design Industry

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Tuesday 24 May 2016
16:30 Business Innovation: Social media as a business tool for the design industry
Nico de Corato, Founder, DubaiBlog Network


Although the usefulness of any social media platform will depend on the corporate goals of the company, social media doesn’t have to be worthless time suck. There’s a reason why companies invest so many man-hours and so much money into ‘new media’ – it can help to grow your business. Create valuable page content.
Why Bother With Social Media?
Because social media networks are where our customers spend time as they get ideas about transforming their spaces with tile and stone products. As they explore online, they will come across visual inspiration on social networks especially since online and social media content have become increasingly visual.

According to A Complete Guide to Visual Content
Content with relevant images gets 94 percent more views than content without. This oft-cited visual content stat is evidence that visuals have been vital to online success for some time. The original study from content platform Skyword came out in 2011… [Our brain simply] processes visuals 60,000 times faster than it does text.

Do keyword research
Remember that your customers search for you online, using words – even for visual content. That means that you will need to use words to describe your images and those words need to make sense to the people searching. In other words, banish industry lingo! Look for relevant #hashtags, too, to associate with your content. You may notice different themes depending on the day of the week. Perhaps it’s #TileTuesday or #MosaicMonday; consider piggy-backing off of those themes. Be specific when using hashtags, come up with relevant, unbranded hashtags. Don’t go too long or too clever, don’t have more hashtags than words, don’t hashtag everything. We may suggest to have no more than 10 / 20 hashtags.

Download the Tutorial: SocialMediaDesignIndustry