Video Blog Service

Video Blog Service

A video provides users with the visual stimulation that text oriented communication ways lack. It’s particularly important especially in places (as Dubai) where there is a mix of spoken languages. For an Italian, an Arab or an Indian person living Dubai, English should not be a problem, but an image can be more comfortable than reading a post in a language different from your mother tongue.

By video blogging you can showcase your business in an interactive format to potential customers, and second you can easily create unique content utilized for SEO. What is YouTube? Try to give a definition of YouTube.. just know YouTube is the second most used search engine! Almost 80% of the people in the Arab World use YouTube as their first search engine.

Our division dedicated to Video Blogging and Instagram videos production works with a pool of professionals able to realize the video production and create a platform in which our clients could showcase their messages to their customers and potential customers.

Social Media Training

Social Media Trainings: sample programs

Course Program will be always defined according to goals and audience. Here we are giving some samples.

Sample program (1): generic workshop about social media, 8 hrs

  • [0.5 hr] Introduction to Social Media Strategies and Tactics
  • [1.0 hr] Social Media and Internet Audience Profiling
  • [2.0 hr] Developing a Social Media Strategy
  • [2.0 hr] Blogging for Business
  • [2.0 hr] Content Marketing
  • [0.5 hr] Question and answers

Sample program (2): social media marketing in the mobile field, 6 hrs

  • [0.5 hr] Introduction to Social Media in the Mobile Industry
  • [2.0 hr] Developing a Mobile Social Media Strategy
  • [2.0 hr] Mobile Strategy and Videos
  • [1.0 hr] Websites and Mobile
  • [1.0 hr] Introduction to M-Commerce [1.0 hr]
  • [0.5 hr] Question and answers [0.5 hr]


Social Media Training

Social Media Training

Goal: how to build a comprehensive, strategic social media plan that will help you achieve incredible results with a customized social media boot camp.

Why Organize a Training with us?

You need social media, but don’t know where to start…

Are you tired of outsourcing your social media marketing? You can do a better job

Not understanding how to get real results?

Are you on social networks but lost and without any direction?

Duration: We can start from a 1 hr lecture to a single day course (6 or 8 hrs – in one day or split in 2 sessions), to a complete boot camp (2 full days) or a full course (more than 16 hrs)

Certification for all participants: included for courses of 8 hrs or more

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