What to Look for in a Web Host to Take Your Company to New Heights Online

The web host you choose says a lot about you and your business. It will affect how quickly your site loads, how you manage outages, and how your brand is presented to the world. Therefore, selecting the best deal of hosting UAE is crucial, as it will determine how your website performs and reflects your brand. And if you don’t execute it well, it may affect your brand’s image and your return on investment. 

When it comes to selecting a web host, though, where does one even begin? Moreover, how can you determine whether your web server is trustworthy? Price, speed, customer service, security, and reliability are just a few variables to consider. So, let’s get into further depth so we can assist you in creating a remarkable internet identity quickly.

Here are nine expert pointers for selecting a web server for your site in UAE.

1. Host Types: What You Need to Know

Your most basic understanding of web hosting would be an excellent starting point. Then, you’ll need to do your homework to choose the ideal hosting package for your company website.

Simply said, you’ll need a hosting provider that maintains servers around the clock to keep all the information generated by your website. Each request from a user’s browser is sent to your web host’s server when they go to your site. Your webpage will subsequently be loaded from the server and shown to the user.

There are a few different kinds of web hosting, and they include:

Shared Host Servers

Shared hosting will store your website on the same server as many other websites. As a result, it is widely used by individuals and small enterprises as a hosting platform. Why? Because it’s reasonably priced.

If your website is among hundreds hosted on the same server, you may split the cost by reducing the number of websites hosting it. As a result, getting your website online with shared hosting is inexpensive and quick.

You are at the mercy of other websites as you are sharing resources with them. If your site gets a lot of visitors, its performance may suffer.

To prevent this, it’s crucial to choose a hosting service you can trust to not overload their servers with more websites than they can manage.

Dedicated Host Servers

With a dedicated server, you get exclusive use of a whole machine. There are no competing websites using excessive amounts of bandwidth. You don’t have any competing sites slowing you down.

A dedicated server hosting your company’s website is the best option. It’s expensive; therefore, you should make the most of it.

If your brand’s online popularity has skyrocketed, you might consider renting a dedicated server. If not, it’s best to stay with less ambitious ideas for now.

2. Find Out What’s Missing from Your Website

With this knowledge under your belt, you may confidently choose the hosting plan that best fits your requirements.

Still, the question begs to be asked, what exactly does your website lack? How many people will you visit your site today? Can users of your site post high-resolution videos and photos?

For these reasons, a hosting package with plenty of bandwidth and space on the hard drive might be a good choice. You can better understand what features you’ll need from your hosting provider if you have a firm handle on your website’s requirements.

Consider the amount of data transfer and disk space available and the maximum number of hosted websites and email addresses. Don’t hesitate to contact the customer care unit if you’re having trouble deciding which hosting service suits your requirements.

3. Ensure Constant Availability

Obviously, you want to choose a hosting service that won’t let your site go down. It goes without saying that you should pick hosting service deals that guarantee 99.9% uptime. In fact, 99% uptime guarantees are commonplace among web hosting companies.

With just a 99% uptime, you’d still lose 7 hours per month, or 3.65 days annually. In that amount of time, you may quickly lose the confidence of your customers and fall in the search engine ranks. So be sure your prospective web server can guarantee an uptime between 99.9% and 100%.

4. Make Sure You Have Solid Customer Service

Issues with your website might pop up at any moment. Furthermore, having round-the-clock access to customer service is invaluable when you need more technical expertise. 

Ensure your web host is easily reached by phone, email, and live chat. Check their response time and other customer service metrics to ensure they are up to par.

Receiving help quickly is crucial to minimizing disruptions and getting operations back up and running as soon as possible.

5. Check for Safety Measures

Unless you experience a cyberattack firsthand, you can’t possibly fathom its severity. In reality, small enterprises’ losses range between $120,000 and $1.24 million. Therefore, the importance of improving your website’s security cannot be debated. It’s an absolute must.

You should look for a hosting service that has comprehensive security measures. 

Pro tip: ensure your web server can handle DDoS, or Distributed Denial of Service assaults, which may take down your website and email.

6. Choose a Service That Provides Frequent Backups

With hackers roaming free, your website is constantly vulnerable to an assault. You must assume the worst, including hackers possibly destroying your site.

To do this, you must choose a web host that provides data backups for your website’s files. If your website has technical difficulties, you may always use this backup.

7. Don’t Forget About SEO

Getting your website online requires more than just finding a hosting provider. If you want more people to see it, you should tweak it for search engines.

Using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques becomes necessary at this point. While looking for a web host, many of the best options will provide managed SEO services. This results in lower labor expenses and more time for company management.

8. Choose the Most Affordable Option

Service providers’ prices are usually a crucial consideration. The lowest choice isn’t always the best one, however. If you’ve found a hosting plan that matches your company well, determine whether the cost is fair. Don’t scrimp on quality, but also ensure the pricing is reasonable.

Don’t forget: you’ll get what you’ve paid for. So, a higher-priced hosting package is preferable to a shoddy one that would cost you more afterward.

9. See What Past Clients Had to Say

While looking for a web host, you may come across possibilities that guarantee you the moon and stars. Customer reviews are your only defense against their misleading advertising.

A simple Google search will reveal what others say about various web hosts. Just a word of caution, though. Be wary of testimonials written by the firm itself and instead focus on evaluations written by genuine consumers.

Initiate Blastoff!

It’s not always easy to settle on the best hosting deals and packages. Yet, once you learn the hosting ropes, you’ll be well on your way to establishing a solid online presence that attracts and retains clients.


Crypto Expo Dubai 2022

Crypto Expo Dubai Attracts Global Industry Enthusiasts to Discuss the Future of the Cryptocurrency Economy

Cripto Expo Dubai 2022 white

Entrepreneurs and industry enthusiasts from across the globe will gather at the inaugural Crypto Expo on October 5-6, 2022 at Dubai Festival Arena in Dubai. Joining a remarkable list of leading voices in the crypto community.

Commenting on the event, Michael Xuan, Co-host of Crypto Expo said, “Crypto Expo will be an unrivaled global meeting place for Blockchain enthusiasts, like-minded entrepreneurs, industry insiders, and investors. A global financial hub with a prominent crypto ecosystem, Dubai is the prime location for the world-class conference. Our mission is to shine a light on the global developments of this new asset class while building the bridge between UAE and global markets.”

“We are proud and excited to be facilitating this in-depth exploration of the growing crypto ecosystem. By forecasting what the space will look like and we plan on providing a unique perspective on the cryptocurrency economy and the vast opportunities for the participants,” added Michael Xuan.

In addition to covering the global developments and trends in the crypto space, Crypto Expo will enlighten on the current market environment and the underlying investor landscape, with speakers and panelists exploring today’s challenges within the ecosystem while delving into the future outlook for the crypto economy.

“With multiple industry developments emerging on a daily basis, it is of utmost importance that experts and those interested in the space, meet not only to share their learnings to date but to discuss the many fascinating opportunities that the cryptocurrency economy brings. With thousands of attendees, it is a prime opportunity to make new connects in the industry and likewise catch up with old ones,” concluded Michael.

For more information on Crypto Expo Dubai, visit: https://cryptoexpodubai.com

About Crypto Expo: 

The Crypto Expo is the biggest and leading Crypto Event. Bringing together the biggest and upcoming Exchanges, ICO, NFT, Payment Solutions, Technology Providers and other projects. The Expo’s mission in to gather all the brilliant minds in the crypto space and give the opportunities to this companies to pitch their projects and network with all the crypto enthusiast and potentially make their project sky rocket to the moon. Together the Crypto Expo is dedicated to deliver the best quality Crypto Event for both exhibitors and attendees.

Nico de Corato & DubaiBlog Network are proud media partners of he event

The Fashion Mob in Cortina d'Ampezzo

The Fashion Mob in Cortina d’Ampezzo

The Fashion Mob is the result of the synergy among 5 different Italian influencers that globally embody the profile of the modern woman: mothers, trendsetters, trendexplorers, entrepreneurs, globetrotters. Different personalities representing  all the shades of the fashion.

From May 24th to May 27th 2018 The Fashion Mob team will be in Cortina
D’Ampezzo guest of the Hotel Ambra.

Francesca Romana Capizzi – Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger
Martina Corradetti – The Fashion Coffee
Ida Galati – Le Stanze della Moda
Nadia La Bella – Asmileplease
Fabrizia Spinelli – Cosa Mi Metto?

Fashion blogging isn’t a new concept. These days it’s a road well traveled—in heels and dream-worthy wardrobes, of course. Among the first fashion bloggers in Italy: since 2009 the team members write on their blogs and feed their social networks that have grown and evolved with them. Fashion bloggers have redefined personal style in a way retailers, designers, and publications haven’t been able to do. Bloggers are a rare breed of creative types, entrepreneurs, dreamers, and fashion-forward thinkers.

While it may sound like a glamorous job, it takes hard work. It’s no longer just about fashion but also about their whole life: from girls, to women, to mothers.

Trenitalia and Lancia will drive them during this journey.
The Fashion Mob is ready to live Cortina, the Queen of Dolomites, and share with their followers on blogs and social networks their experience.

Their age span goes from 27 to 52, but we challenge anyone to say which age belongs to whom. Tireless women, with a weakness for fashion.
Dreamers, social addicted and passionate..

Follow their adventure in Cortina d’Ampezzo!

The Fashion Mob in numbers

The Fashion Mob in numbers update from their website May 24th 2018

Professional VIdeo Service Dubai Brumotti

Professional Video Service

In a creative experience, businesses are also transformed through creative and emotional experience in the form of environments, branding, marketing and content.

In the video market it’s important to follow clients at every stage of the transmission process, working with them to create custom solutions that meet their needs and expectations:

From uplinking images the moment they are filmed, to broadcasting finished programmes to TV audiences, whether regional, national or worldwide, DubaiBlog is elated to provide other professional video services and takes care of everything you need to transform a project from a smart idea to a critical part of your daily activity.

We encounter customers wherever they are on their video journey to help them commence, plan for success, and secure growing results.

We guide your video initiatives, supporting you with creative, technical, or organizational programs as needed, designing and combining the communication systems your company relies on.


Guest posts

In the field of search engine optimization, guest posts are essential technique to create brand awareness, online visibility and link-building. It fulfills one of the most desired and challenging part of SEO. It is one of the safest and genuine SEO techniques.

The publications will add tremendous power to your backlink profile, generating traffic, thanks to the social share on our channels with thousands of targeted followers. We will do manual outreach to key industry sites, secure a guest posting spot, craft a unique article with your links and place it on the site with links back to your website.

For each guest posts on our websites we include

– SEO review of the text
– 1 or more backlinks
– 1 or more images
– social shares on our platforms
– translation cost (English, Arabic, American, Italian)

We can offer you from a single guest post up to a full  campaign with a strategic editorial plan.

Contact us for more information

Burj Al Arab Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram Strategies

Instagram, with more than 40 billion images shared and 400 million monthly active users, has consistently been one of the most popular mobile apps over last 2 years, and there’s good reason for that. It’s easily integrated into Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and it provides users with the visual stimulation that Facebook and Twitter lack. It’s particularly important especially in places (as Dubai) where there is a mix of spoken languages. For an Italian, an Arab or an Indian person living Dubai, English should not be a problem, but an image can be more comfortable than reading a post in a language different from your mother tongue.

Instagram generates an average of 80 million photos per day. So it’s easy to understand how important is to reach your potential target. At only six years old, the platform has shown significant growth in its overall user base and in almost every demographic group.

High-quality pictures are essential for Instagram success. The higher an image’s quality, the more attention it gets. And since you’re representing a brand, it’s even more imperative that you ensure that your photo content is of the highest quality possible. Use cutouts, overlays, etc., to make your content leap out from the page, but make sure everything is tasteful and aesthetically pleasing. But it can’t be enough. Use hashtags that describe what’s in the picture, not what the picture is about. Encourage your followers to use a particular hashtag that you can then monitor (and maybe even use for a promotion). Use popular hashtags that are searched for often.
Consider posting the picture with only one or two hashtags and then include any additional hashtags in a comment below.

Being reposted by followed account in line with our main topic / target, it’s also most important. On DubaiBlog instagram account we offer that chance as well.

Do not forget about videos. Instagram videos are tough to produce, partially because of the mobile recording concept. Smartphones have yet to be truly optimized for video, but the whole web is moving towards a video mindset.

Instagram posts generate an average per-follower engagement rate of 4.21%, which is 58 times more engagement than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter.

Contact us if you need support to start your instagram campaign.

Search Engine Optimization Dubai SEM SEO

How to utilize Search Engine Marketing to boost site visit?

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) primarily through paid advertising and organic ranking. SEM is the wider discipline that incorporates the Search Engine Optimization; it includes both paid search results (using tools like Google Adwords or Bing Ads and organic search results (SEO).

Another part of SEM is social media marketing (SMM). SMM is a type of marketing that involves exploiting social media to influence consumers that one company’s products and/or services are valuable.

Remember that your customers search for you online, using words – even for visual content. That means that you will need to use words to describe your posts, images, videos and those words need to make sense to the people searching. In other words, banish industry lingo! Look for relevant #hashtags, too, to associate with your content. You may notice different themes depending on the day of the week.

Be specific when using hashtags, come up with relevant, unbranded hashtags. Don’t go too long or too clever, don’t have more hashtags than words, don’t hashtag everything. We may suggest to have no more than 10 / 20 hashtags.

In the field of search engine optimization, one of the most effective strategy is the link building; it describes actions aimed at increasing the number and quality of inbound links to a webpage with the goal of increasing the search engine rankings of that page or website.

Download the PDF presentation

Social Media in The Marble and Stone Industry

Social Media in the Design Industry

The evolution of social media reflects the evolution of the design industry, and those who embrace it will find themselves with more opportunities, in much the same way as those who moved from “paste-up” artwork to digital print production. Social media can allow you to showcase your work to the people who need your skills or provide you with valuable insight into who you may be working with.

Although the usefulness of any social media platform will depend on the corporate goals of the company, social media doesn’t have to be worthless time suck. There’s a reason why companies invest so many man-hours and so much money into ‘new media’ – it can help to grow your business. Create valuable page content.

Why Bother With Social Media?
Because social media networks are where our customers spend time as they get ideas about transforming their spaces with tile and stone products. As they explore online, they will come across visual inspiration on social networks especially since online and social media content have become increasingly visual.

According to A Complete Guide to Visual Content
Content with relevant images gets 94 percent more views than content without. This oft-cited visual content stat is evidence that visuals have been vital to online success for some time. The original study from content platform Skyword came out in 2011… [Our brain simply] processes visuals 60,000 times faster than it does text.

Do keyword research
Remember that your customers search for you online, using words – even for visual content. That means that you will need to use words to describe your images and those words need to make sense to the people searching. In other words, banish industry lingo! Look for relevant #hashtags, too, to associate with your content. You may notice different themes depending on the day of the week. Perhaps it’s #TileTuesday or #MosaicMonday; consider piggy-backing off of those themes. Be specific when using hashtags, come up with relevant, unbranded hashtags. Don’t go too long or too clever, don’t have more hashtags than words, don’t hashtag everything. We may suggest to have no more than 10 / 20 hashtags.

Download the Tutorial: SocialMediaDesignIndustry

Autostrad in concert: picture by DubaiBlog shared on their timeline

Social Media in the Photography industry

LIVE PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW, Dubai, Dubai World Trade Center
is running on 7/9 May 2016

Center Stage Agenda
Social Media in the Photography Industry
7 May 2016. 18:50 – 19:20

This session will demonstrate how to use social media to spread awareness about your profile and photographs, and how you can make the best with the resources available to you, and eventually capitalise from it.

Nico de Corato – Owner and Founder of DubaiBlog network, professional speaker and contributor of many magazines.

Abstract. Although the usefulness of any social media platform will depend on the individual goals of the photographer, social media doesn’t have to be worthless time suck. There’s a reason why professionals in the photography industry invest so many man-hours and so much money into ‘new media’ – it can help to grow your business. Create valuable page content.

Choose your social networks.

Ask questions and include calls to action to boost the amount of feedback you receive and therefore the amount of exposure your content gets. Get engagement from your users. That’s why is also useless to buy followers, cause in such a case you get numbers but no engagement..

Post at the right time. If you post according to when your fans are active, then more users—especially those on mobile devices—will see your content and be driven to your page.

Photography has always been fundamental to social media. Let’s take Facebook for a start, where in the beginning your profile picture was everything. ‘Here’s what I look like. Whaddya think?’ exclaimed a proud user’s carefully chosen avatar. (Although in most cases most people’s profile pictures should come with a disclaimer which says: Here’s what I DON’T look like. This photo took me ages to do).

Download the tutorial: Social Media in the Photography Industry

Autostrad in concert: picture by DubaiBlog shared on their timeline


Monviso Chart: Promote community involvement to push your social media

Promote community involvement to push your social media

Does your company sponsor a Little League team? Do you participate in Adopt-a-Highway or volunteer for Make-a-Wish? These are the kinds of things that helps your brand awareness within the network.

Whatever type of business you’re in, sponsorship is a great way to push your social media strategies and get the attention of clients and prospects. More and more companies use to promote not only their brand, but also a specific hash tag or social media page during some sponsorship.

But choose wisely – what you choose to sponsor should be relevant to your target market and ‘on message’. Be sure to steer clear of any PR disasters – Nestlé’s sponsorship of a health conference in 2014 led to the event being cancelled after senior NHS figures urged a boycott over the food and beverage company’s promotion of infant formula in the developing world.

To help you make the right sponsorship choice visit also our page about Sponsorship opportunities.

Integration between sponsorship & Social Media is fundamental. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WordPress offer companies a great free-of-charge platform to promote themselves, build their brand and their audience.

Finding the time to feed your profiles and blog can be a challenge but if you’re going to do it you need to be active, which means posting and interacting several times a day. But what to say? Expertise in a particular area can make for a large following. Stay relevant and on-topic and you will garner a valuable and engaged audience.

Don’t forget you need to talk to others to grow your following, which means responding to comments on your Facebook page or blog in a timely manner and engaging fellow Twitter users in conversation. A great way to do this is via Twitter Chat. Twitter chats are focused on a topic that is decided in advance and use a specific hashtag to help users follow along.

According to research carried out by Hootsuite in December, Starbucks is the best performing brand on social media, closely followed by Chanel, Friskies and Urban Outfitters. So be sure to check out their activity for inspiration.

In the GCC market we can mention Monviso Water as perfect example of integration between Social Media & Sponsorship.