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Social Media in the Photography industry

LIVE PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW, Dubai, Dubai World Trade Center
is running on 7/9 May 2016

Center Stage Agenda
Social Media in the Photography Industry
7 May 2016. 18:50 – 19:20

This session will demonstrate how to use social media to spread awareness about your profile and photographs, and how you can make the best with the resources available to you, and eventually capitalise from it.

Nico de Corato – Owner and Founder of DubaiBlog network, professional speaker and contributor of many magazines.

Abstract. Although the usefulness of any social media platform will depend on the individual goals of the photographer, social media doesn’t have to be worthless time suck. There’s a reason why professionals in the photography industry invest so many man-hours and so much money into ‘new media’ – it can help to grow your business. Create valuable page content.

Choose your social networks.

Ask questions and include calls to action to boost the amount of feedback you receive and therefore the amount of exposure your content gets. Get engagement from your users. That’s why is also useless to buy followers, cause in such a case you get numbers but no engagement..

Post at the right time. If you post according to when your fans are active, then more users—especially those on mobile devices—will see your content and be driven to your page.

Photography has always been fundamental to social media. Let’s take Facebook for a start, where in the beginning your profile picture was everything. ‘Here’s what I look like. Whaddya think?’ exclaimed a proud user’s carefully chosen avatar. (Although in most cases most people’s profile pictures should come with a disclaimer which says: Here’s what I DON’T look like. This photo took me ages to do).

Download the tutorial: Social Media in the Photography Industry

Autostrad in concert: picture by DubaiBlog shared on their timeline